Meet Athens Gastroenterology

We opened our doors to the classic city in the year 2006 and since then we have grown into an integral part of the community.  We are proud to serve Athens and it’s surrounding areas as we try to make every patient feel like family.  We look forward to seeing you for all of your digestive diseases.

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What we hear from our patients

“Athens Gastroenterology Association is The BEST OF THE BEST. Dr Williams is an amazing doctor. I have been seeing him for a few years now, and his staff is as wonderful as Dr Williams. They go extra steps to help anyway they can. I first started seeing Dr Williams when we relocated to North Georgia. I was nervous and wondering what my appointment would be like. I was sitting in the waiting room and this doctor passed by with a big smile on his face; at the time I didn’t realize it was Dr Williams. Waiting in the room for the doctor to come up… then a knock on the door and in walked Dr Williams with that same smile on his face. Dr Williams was kind, understanding and didn’t rush. He gave us time to ask questions and he was very detailed with his responses. I also met Weslie (his Medical Assistant) that day, she is an amazing lady. Later I met Kayla (his Physician Assistant), who is so kind. I feel like Dr Williams and his staff are like family to me.

I have G.A.V.E and Dr Williams sent me to Athens to be scoped. He has done so many cauterization procedures on my stomach, and each time it is such a pleasure to have a doctor with a personality like his. I have stayed in and out of the hospitals and Dr Williams discovered that I had end stage Cirrhosis. He very promptly referred me to the Mayo Clinic to get on the Transplant list. Within two weeks I was at the Mayo Clinic and I was put on the Transplant list the following January. I am currently still here waiting for the call for my Transplant.

I do know that Dr Williams saved my life, and has given me the chance for a new healthy life. He has called my home out of the blue just to see how I am. I can’t wait to get my transplant and to return home so I can see Dr Williams and his staff and continue with the best patient care I have ever had. I Thank you all for being the wonderful, caring and understanding people that you are. AGA has the best doctor, nurses, and Weslie will help with anything she can.”

- Kay Rainwater